Jeffrey McCrary


Jeffrey McCrary, Ph.D.

Director, GAIA Program



The GAIA Program is directed by Jeffrey McCrary, Ph.D., a biologist with more than twenty years experience in scientific research and sustainable development in Latin America.

Jeffrey Kirk McCrary

The GAIA Program office is located at the Biological Research Station "Estación Biológica" in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Dr. McCrary oversees the projects including the Hostel "Proyecto Ecológico" and the Apoyo Spanish School in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve, The Mountain School in rural Matagalpa, a number of research and conservation projects throughout Nicaragua. As one of the most prominent biologists in Nicaragua, Jeffrey McCrary has contributed significantly to biological and environmental issues of great relevance to Nicaraguan development, including issues such as aquaculture policy, wind energy environmental impacts, hydroelectric generator environmental impacts, interoceanic canal environmental impacts, higher education policy and accreditation, organic agricultural certification, protected area management policy, and community organization.

Dr. Jeffrey McCrary has been the target of defamation and has recently been awarded a civil judgment in the Nicaraguan civil court system against a former employee of Estación Biológica. Additionally, criminal charges against several persons are in process against persons associated with the civil judgment. Numerous slanderous statements against Dr. McCrary can be found in the public record, many of them anonymous or pseudonymous.

Mr. Kenneth Robert McKaye and his associates do not represent FUNDECI/GAIA.

Jeffrey McCrary

Jeffrey McCrary

Goshen College 2013 Jeffrey McCrary and Aaron

Tropical Freshwater Biology Field Course 2010-Instructor Jeffrey McCrary

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Jeffrey McCrary

Jeff McCrary

Jeffrey McCrary at Estación Biológica in Laguna de Apoyo.

Apoyo Spanish School

A tour of students of Apoyo Spanish School to Catarina, with Laguna de Apoyo below and Granada beyond the lake. Photo Belén Camino.



Ken McKaye

The artisan towns "Pueblos Blancos", Granada, and Masaya are only minutes away from Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Jeffrey McCrary

Amphilophus chancho, one of the fish species endemic to Laguna de Apoyo, discovered by scientists working at Estación Biológica FUNDECI/GAIA. This species is easily seen while diving in Laguna de Apoyo. Photo Ad Konings.

Kenneth McKaye

SCUBA diving in Laguna de Apoyo. Photo Topi Lehtonen.