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Freshwater Tropical Biology: Field Techniques in Biodiversity Monitoring

1-10 January, 2010


Instructors: Jeffrey McCrary (FUNDECI/GAIA) and Jay R. Stauffer, Jr. (Penn State University)

Cost: US$950 (certified divers), US$800 (non-divers)

Cost includes dorm-style accomodation and meals, course materials and instruction, field activities, and transportation to/from Managua

Topics covered:

1. What is important about wild plants and animals?

2. Vegetation monitoring - structure and compostion

3. Biology of tropical freshwater fishes

4. Fish identification tools and techniques

5. Fish monitoring techniques-netting and in situ observation

6. Fish dietary analysis

7. Aquatic invertebrates

8. Biodiversity calculation methods and their interpretation

9. Conservation issues and actions

Field work, including netting and observations using SCUBA, will be conducted in the following sites in Nicaragua: Lake Apoyo, Lake Xiloa, Lake Nicaragua, Lake Managua, Lake Asososca. We will also visit Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua, important freshwater fisheries resources and habitats for dozens of endemic fish species. The course coordinator, Dr. Jeffrey McCrary, has published dozens of research papers on natural resources of Nicaragua, including discoveries of several fish species. For more information, contact us at or call 011-505-8882-3992.

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