Midas cichlid biodiversity and conservation studies in Nicaragua


Biodiversity and Ecology of the Midas Cichlid Species Complex


Nicaragua is habitat for a numerous freshwater fishes that are in the process of being discovered. The San Juan River watershed, including the nearby volcanic crater lakes, are inhabited by the Midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus) species complex, which consists of dozens of mostly as-yet undiscovered species. FUNDECI/GAIA collaborates with various institutions worldwide on our research program, including studies in taxonomy and systematics, feeding and breeding behaviors, and conservation status. Our work on this species complex was highlighted in the April 14, 2008 edition of the Nicaraguan newspaper, El Nuevo Diario.

Midas cichlids in Nicaragua

This baby squirrel was raised after falling from a tree. Today she has her own family in the trees above Estación Biológica.


Amphilophus citrinellus Nicaragua

The environment of Laguna de Apoyo is natural and nearly unspoiled


cichlid research Nicaragua

The natural beauty of Laguna de Apoyo is unsurpassed in Central


crater lake Nicaragua

The forest in side the crater in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve contains dozens of reptile species.


crater lake cichlids in Nicaragua

Thanks to the efforts of FUNDECI/GAIA and the contributions of visitors to Estación Biológica, these children can attend the new, beautiful "Heroes y Mártires de Xiloá" school near the shore of Laguna de Xiloá in Chiltepe Peninsula Nature Reserve.


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Field identification of the reptiles of Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve.

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Many species of snakes are common in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve.

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This tiny snake, Tantilla armillata, was the first of its species to be found in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve.